Stipulated Vehicle Release Agreement Form

You do not have to pay for a vehicle that is not confiscated by foreclosure. However, if the driver goes to court for the alleged offence that led to the seizure of the vehicle, Victoria Police can sue the driver`s stowage charges in court. If your seized vehicle is not recovered after the publication date, you will receive a letter of intent to drop off an abandoned motor vehicle. If the vehicle is late for pickup, the additional storage fee is $13.50 per day after the authorized release date. We do not offer payment schedules and require full payment when pickup the vehicle. If you are in financial difficulty, you can seek the assistance of a lawyer. If you are the authorized driver of the vehicle but do not have a criminal record, the application would be due to the driver`s background. based on the driver of the motor vehicle who commits a recrimination offence. If you own the vehicle but the vehicle is not registered in your name according to VicRoads, you must present proof of ownership, z.B.: If you decide to abandon your vehicle, it becomes the property of the state (jacket in the crown) and is discarded.

Please contact the contractor in which your vehicle is stored to arrange a pickup time. If the car is registered with a company, we can only transfer the vehicle and/or ownership to the company manager – a copy of the current ASIC extract must be provided to prove who is the company`s director. If the director cannot be present to retrieve the vehicle, they may use the third-party authority form in relation to the current asic extract. When a free-flow vehicle becomes the property of the government, it is eliminated or crushed by the public auction. Victoria Police do not provide any information on where the vehicles are being sold or crushed to the parties. You can ask someone else to retrieve your vehicle by filling out the “Share a Vehicle with an Authorized Third Party” form. Then nominate the person you have designated to collect the vehicle and let that person sign the document. We do not stop vehicles that have been confiscated by the city council.

Detailed information on foreclosure, property or vehicle sales can be found in the Highway Safety Code (Vic) of 1986. Please send this proof of ownership to before you pick up your vehicle. This documentation needs to be verified and if you are satisfied, you will be updated as the owner and we can release the vehicle for you. You can continue to pick up your vehicle if your vehicle is not registered, even if you need to organize a convenience store, trailer or present a copy of your unreganted licence to pay for and retrieve the vehicle.