Separation Agreement In The Philippines

b) When the vote took place during the separation procedure, the Tribunal immediately issues a closing order. Chan robles Virtual Legal Library Can I submit the separation? My husband and I have only been married for four years, but he has not supported me financially, although he is a regular private school teacher. I also work in the same school as a test teacher. My husband does not give me his salary, but requires me to do all the necessary things to do at home, esp for its usefulness and convenience. In addition, he requires that I spend my money to support him, esp.after he used all his monthly salary for taekwondo and for the debts he owes after sending money to his son`s wedding with his partner live years before our Trafuns. He supports his son is not a problem for me. The child (now 3rd grade) has the right to do so. What offends me most is that he talks to “walkers” (prostitutes), and I have read a series of texts that indicate that he misses some of them, which means that he slept with them. When I confronted him with these messages, he simply picked up the hell and cursed me and screamed violently, threatening to hurt me. To keep the peace and not disturb the neighbors, I would just close my mouth and endure the pain.

Sometimes he hurts me physically, takes my hair off, beats me in bed. I once reported the physical abuse to Barangay`s office. My husband asked for forgiveness and promised not to repeat it. But every time we have an altercation at home, and he doesn`t have a logical smelting for the use of all his salary, he would yell at me and always curse me, even if I am the one who supports him financially. I can`t stand this crazy relationship anymore. This leads me to lose my harvest for him and for the sacrament we have received together. I have the impression that he has just married me so that he can take advantage of his vices (gadgets, prostitutes and good food and services on my part), knowing that I will do everything in my power to keep our marriage intact. Thank you and God bless! Please note that the court has not granted your separation unless it has taken steps towards your reconciliation. If the court is satisfied that reconciliation is impossible, the decree is promulgated. Ordinary alcoholism is one of the reasons for legal separation. Hello, my husband cheated on me.

We`ve been splitting up for almost a month.