Moodle Site Policy Agreement

Now, what you really want to do is that users actually read the agreement before clicking yes/no, which is obviously impossible. Forcing her to march will not force them to read, but I expect you to know that. Note that as a site guide, the settings “Site Guidelines” and “Customer Location Policy” are ignored when setting up “Guidelines (tool_policy)” as the site`s author. When the website guide is set to “Policies (tool_policy),” two new pages are displayed in “Data Protection and Policies” – “Manage Policies” and “User Agreements.” The rest of this page describes the policy tool. The Sitepolicy Manager in Site Management/User/Data Protection and Policy Settings determines how users` policies and consents are managed. The Standard Manager (Core) provides a site policy URL and a website policy URL for guests. The policy officer can set website, data protection and other policies. It also allows the viewing of the consultation and, if necessary, the consent of minors. Customers should not be redirected to the policy page, unless you have the URL on the website- Administration/Security/Site-Politics under the URL for home listings… Get him out of there and you shouldn`t see him anymore. I tried to edit /moodle/user/policy.php but I don`t know enough to move forward.

Hello, I`m not sure this is the right place to post this question. I run Moodle 2.3.1 and I want to force students to scroll through until the end of a site policy contract before clicking Yes/No to accept it. Is that possible? The site`s policy agreement has been loaded as a URL in the Site Administration section -> Security –> Site Policies and can be well displayed, all that is missing is the “Force scroll before agreeing” function. It seems that someone has tried to plug a URL for your website policy to a point, or maybe there is a space that creates the URL that hasn`t been found. Make sure the field is completely removed. Moodle Data and Privacy Policy This might even be a link to an accessible pdf somewhere – it depends on your policy, as obvious and “in your face” as you want to do it. But even for new users, even for customers, the site`s policy agreement is displayed. The policy tool offers a new user notification process with the ability to set multiple policies (website, privacy, third parties), track user requests, and manage updates and policy release management.