Maurice Blackburn Enterprise Agreement

Your employer must meet all the requirements contained in your contract or company bonus in order to prevent and consult them before sending you back. Given the vote in favour of the company agreement reached on 9 November 2016, the Fair Work Commission took a long time to approve the agreement, but asu had obtained the agreement of MB`s management to reimburse the payment when the agreement was voted, so you should have received your refund in early December 2016. No, your salary cannot be reduced without your consent and it cannot be lowered below what your bonus, company agreement or national minimum wage provides. 7. For many workers, it depends on what their employment contract, your price, or your company contract says. It may contain a clause that allows your employer to change your obligations, sometimes without your consent. So check your contract or your industrial tool (if you have one). Otherwise, if your employer is qualified for and entitled to JobKeeper payments, they can give a direction that changes your tasks. For example, employees whose wages are reduced without their consent may have infringement claims. Company agreements must include a dispute settlement procedure.

It is often the vehicle of a worker (and an employer) to invoke the procedure to try to settle a labour dispute, especially for matters that do not involve dismissal which, of course, are normally pursued as unjustified dismissal claims.