Freight Broker Agreement Forms

3. REPRESENTATIONS OF BROKERS. Broker is active in the provision of freight intermediation services, in accordance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA). Broker, in its capacity as agent, acts only when tendering broker clients to CARRIER. The carrier acknowledges full responsibility for the timely delivery of any shipment arranged between broker and CARRIER. Shipper Broker or Shipper Carrier Agreement – This is an agreement between a shipper and a carrier. The transport service provider may be either a freight agent or a road haulier. It determines precisely who is responsible for what and ensures that everyone is aware of the payment terms and payment procedures. This is a good document that should be available in case of a dispute. 12. CONFIDENTIALITY.

THE CARRIER and THE BROKER agree that the terms and provisions of this Agreement are confidential, in addition to any other information relating to the business activities of customers and shippers, and that they do not disclose any of their contents or information about the services provided under this Contract without the written permission of a party to this Contract or in accordance with the law. We provide you with all the forms used for daily freight intermediation. This case involves as much paperwork as negotiation. Designed by the best transport lawyers, all contracts, forms and agreements in Microsoft Word format are prepared for easy processing. 2. TERM. This Agreement shall apply from the above-mentioned date and shall remain in force for a period of one year from that date and from one year to the next, unless terminated in writing. Any party to this Agreement may, at any time, terminate such participation in writing to all other parties concerned with a period of at least thirty days. 15) APPLICABLE LAW.

This Agreement is governed by the laws of the Province of British Columbia, Canada. We`ve included a few general forms and agreements in this package, in case you need them. Don`t get caught up in these extra costs, BOL (Bill Of Lading), co-broker. Broker Carrier Agreement – The first step between carriers and brokers working together is the carrier/broker agreement. It is the agreement that raises some concerns. Liability, independent contractor, payment to the carrier and not poaching. Your purchased forms and contracts will be packaged in a single file .zip and will be available by link to download at the end of your purchase. 7. BREEDING WITHOUT DAMAGE. The CARRIER undertakes to exempt and indemnify the broker from any liability resulting from loss or damage, including all costs to be defended for all cargoes carried by the CARRIER, and also undertakes to exempt the broker from bodily injury or property damage that may occur during the operation of the CARRIER under this agreement, including all costs of defending claims. 9. PAYMENT.

The carrier pays the transport costs of the transport service to be carried out in accordance with this service, at the rates indicated in the confirmation of the broker`s carrier after successful delivery. The proof indicated in the freight invoice, the bill of lading, the single delivery note and all other required invoicing documents of the CARRIER allows the broker to note that the agreed service has been provided at the agreed price. As soon as a carrier agrees to move a given cargo, you must complete and send a cargo confirmation and collective agreement form.. . . .