Bbc Mu Orchestras Agreement

Fourth, the union claims that 60 percent. the BBC`s radio production is made up of music, less than 5 per cent. broadcasting expenses are addressed to staff orchestras. Lord Goodman communicates an agreement between the BBC and the Union on the future provision of the orchestra, although the cost of orchestras is another recurring theme. Orchestras give musicians in the province the opportunity to compare their own performances. Orchestras raise standards. They give young players the opportunity to play with talented and experienced musicians and improve the quality of local music. They have a great influence on music teaching in their own fields, not only because of the lessons that players can give as individuals, but also because of the effect that orchestras can have on people who listen, watch and learn the techniques. All these effects exalt all cultural and musical life in important areas and in the regions. 951 Although the BBC acknowledged the need to renegotiate these issues, it did not attempt to do so, but undertook to make unilateral proposals and subsequently broke the agreements. If, in the current economic climate, a choice must be made between the expansion of local radio and the introduction of new channels or these cuts, which ones should be given priority? That is another issue, but according to the general principle of local broadcasting, we should not propose that jobs be lost there in order to preserve employment in orchestras. This would mean opposing two groups that should not fight, but support each other.

Certainly, the ABS and the musicians` union supported each other at their level of leadership. That is why I hope that, regardless of our economic difficulties and the cries of the global recession, we will ensure that our orchestras survive. I do not think there will be. In addition to the changes I have mentioned and the reduction in liberal activity, the BBC has set aside £100,000 a year for spending in Manchester and Birmingham, which will provide work for independent musicians. It also actively encourages efforts in Northern Ireland and Scotland to sponsor new orchestras which, if successful, will also offer work to many former BBC musicians. It is right to impose these facts on Parliament, because they put the matter in a slightly different light. .