Avis Car Hire Rental Agreement

Tenants will only use the rented vehicle for personal or routine use and will only operate the rental vehicle on properly maintained roads and car parks. The tenant will comply with all applicable laws regarding the maintenance of the licence for the operation of the vehicle and with respect to the operation of motor vehicles. The tenant will not sublet the rental vehicle or use it as a rental car. The tenant does not take the vehicle [LOCATION LIMIT]. PERSONS AUTHORIZED TO DRIVE RENTAL VEHICLE 2. The vehicle may only be driven for the duration of the rental by the persons named on the rental document or in a supplementary driver`s card attached to the rental agreement, and only if they have a full and valid driver`s licence suitable for the vehicle while using the vehicle. GPS AND PORTABLE WIFI 26. The tenant acknowledges that he is responsible for: (a) damage or losses, including theft, GPS and portable Wi-Fi devices and/or their accessories. The fee is $200 plus business tax per unit; and (b) a processing and freight tax that damages an accessory and/or is not returned with the GPS or portable Wi-Fi unit. The tax is $30 plus business tax per rent. The duration of this car rental contract ranges from the date and time of withdrawal of the vehicle, indicated just above the signing line at the end of this contract, to the return of the vehicle to the owner and the conclusion of all the terms of this agreement by both parties.

The estimated rental period is as follows: British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association recommended lease agreement – Copyright of the BVRLA. Members may only use this document with the written permission of the BVRLA. INSURANCE 16. The tenant is informed that car insurance must be offered by the landlord, but the tenant can enter into his own insurance agreements, provided they are approved by the landlord. If the landlord is not satisfied that the tenant`s insurance is comparable to that of the landlord, the landlord may refuse to rent the vehicle. 17. If the tenant chooses to preside over the landlord`s insurance, any driver named in the rental document as authorized to drive the vehicle is, subject to the claims management fees covered in point 21, the deductible to be paid by the tenant in accordance with point 20 and the insurance exclusions covered in point 22 which are covered against the damages covered in point 15. 18. The tenant`s liability is covered by the lessor`s insurance in accordance with paragraph 15 up to a value of USD 100,000 for sub-paragraphs 15 (a) and 15 (b) and USD 500,000 for sub-paragraph 15 c).

This clause 18 does not apply if the tenant refuses the lessor`s insurance. 19. If the tenant chooses to use the lessor`s insurance, the insurance premium is included in the rental fee. 20. If the tenant decides to use the lessor`s insurance, the deductible payable by the tenant is paid as indicated in the rental document and for each incident in which the vehicle is involved. If the damage is excluded under the lessor`s insurance, the deductible is considered a partial payment at the total cost and all additional costs are charged to the tenant in accordance with item 4. 21. For the processing of claims, an additional claims management tax of $75 plus business tax is levied.

This tax applies to all claims, whether the tenant uses the landlord`s insurance or has his or her own insurance.